Don’t Let a Leak Cost You Money

Don’t Let a Leak Cost You Money

Call your foundation leak plumbers in Joshua, Texas

Hearing running water after shutting off the faucet? Noticing moisture or mildew under your carpeting? These are just a few of the signs of a possible slab leak. A slab leak is one that occurs under the foundation of your home or business. Every minute you’re losing water, and paying more for your water bill every month.

If you suspect a slab leak at your building, it’s time to call the plumbing professionals at B&M Plumbing. We have the skills and equipment to handle foundation leaks in Joshua, Texas.

The best equipment for the best leak repair

Detecting and repairing leaks requires a strong skillset and the use of high-quality detection equipment. You’ll find both here at B&M Plumbing of Joshua, Texas. Choose us for your repairs and our plumbers will:

• Trace all the plumbing lines around the property
• Use a detector to locate the lines
• Isolate the slab leak within a foot of its location

We will then come up with a plan of action to repair the leak as soon as possible.

You shouldn’t be paying for water you’re not using. If you’re tired of wasting water and paying an exorbitant amount for your monthly water bill, call B&M Plumbing right now to address the foundation leak at your location.